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About Get Screened Oakland
What is Get Screened Oakland?
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new public health guidelines that recommend everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 know their HIV status.  Get Screened Oakland is a new public-private partnership in public health - a citywide, strategic response to Oakland’s HIV epidemic.  The partnership is designed to increase the number of Oakland residents who know their HIV status and are connected to care if needed.
What are the goals of Get Screened Oakland?
The goals of Get Screened Oakland are:
  • To make HIV screening a routine part of all medical care and services in Oakland
  • To increase the number of Oakland residents who know their HIV status by offering and increasing the availability of routine HIV screening
  • To raise awareness and inform the public about HIV
  • To reduce the incidence and prevalence of HIV infection in the greater Oakland community
How does Get Screened Oakland work?
Get Screened Oakland (GSO) is a municipal response and invitation to partnership.  GSO works with community-based agencies, hospitals, clinics, physician groups, and managed care organizations to determine the most effective and efficient strategy for implementing routine HIV screening for their clients and innovative ways to connect them to care.  Through site visits and community organizing meetings organizations are invited to partner with Get Screened Oakland. Get Screened Oakland also sponsors educational gatherings to discuss the science of HIV and its socio-economic and cultural impacts in the community. Get Screened Oakland also offers HIV screening through the sponsorship of community health fairs and HIV outreach events.
How did Get Screened Oakland begin?
Get Screened Oakland developed as an outgrowth of a dialogue between Mayor Ronald V. Dellums, two local filmmakers, Abby Ginzberg and Dedoceo Habi and community foundation executives early in the new administration. Get Screened Oakland is an initiative of the Office of the Mayor, the Alameda County Department of Public Health Office of AIDS, and the greater Oakland community. 
How is Get Screened Oakland Funded?
We are pleased to have the support of: Levi Strauss Foundation, Gilead Sciences, San Francisco Foundation, East Bay Community Foundation, Alameda County Office of AIDS and the City of Oakland.  We continue to enlist support.
How is Get Screened Oakland staffed and housed?
Marsha Martin is the Director of Get Screened Oakland. Adriann McCall is the Program Manager  and VaShone Huff is the Liason. More staff will be coming on board as the need arises.
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